The Slut and Tramp Fashion for the Scariest Day of the Year

It’s that time of  year again for dressing up with no questions asked.  Halloween makes it all possible.  We get dressed up in a scary, funny, interesting but most importantly in a slutty costume.  It’s the one holiday a year that allows it all. And after all it isn’t bad because it is Halloween.  So let me quote a dear friend of mine “Halloween is a way for good girls to dress like sluts and for fags to dress like girls.”  But we don’t care because we love it.  Happy Halloween!

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When does fashion begin and what makes you fashion?

When you think about fashion, what do you think about?  Is is a life style or just a necessity to not get in trouble for public indecency? When does it become more than a necessity?

When you are out with your girlfriends but hours before, you were in front of your mirror trying on different outfits every 2 minutes indecisive whether to wear your favorite pair of Manolo Blahnik’s or just to go with your favorite knock-off boots that you found at a thrift store, do you ask yourself is dressing up for myself or for others?

Walking through life in your favorite high heels and chancing the risk of breaking a heel or two or just comfortably tramp your way through life, that’s the decision one has to make.  Is that the truth?
We all know that life hasn’t always planned everything to be easy so setting fashion aside when it gets hard so one can tramp comfortably could be one way to go about it.  Nevertheless, Sex and the City has taught us that fashion is even more important in hard times.  When Carrie left Big’s house all heartbroken, she still hailed a cab in style wearing her beloved Jimmy Choo’s.  But looking West, we don’t really see women hailing cabs in high heels.  It’s more the comfortableness that rules there. Does that mean women of the West don’t have a sense for style or is it just a different life style?

Whatever the answer to that may be, every woman has a right to fashion in a style that works for her.  And sometimes it’s wearing those 5 inch high heels that make your feet burn by the end of the night but make you feel like a goddess and sometimes it’s just being snuggled up in the perfect comfy clothes watching your favorite old-time movie but still feeling in style.

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